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Horizons curriculum highlights:

  • Workbook Based
  • Spiral learning
  • Teacher driven
  • Advanced pace
  • Core subjects are designed for 180 day school year
  • Horizons Scope & Sequence

Horizons curriculum is published by Alpha Omega Publications, a Christian publisher. We highly recommend Horizons to families who are looking for materials that move at a more advanced pace. When you compare the Scope & Sequence, you will find that Horizons is clearly ahead of many homeschooling materials on the market. Before you purchase, please take a look at the Scope & Sequence to see which grade level will be the best for your student. Horizons curriculum is workbook based and is meant to be used with parent instruction. The teacher’s guide gives helpful tips and answers for every question and as mere time savers alone; they are worth the extra investment.

Horizons Math uses spiral learning, meaning the concepts are repeated throughout the course in a spiral method. This works well for students who can focus on more than one concept at once, as it does not bore these students with needless repetition. Horizons Math (Kindergarten through 6th Grade) moves at an advanced pace and students are typically ready to move into Pre-algebra by the time they are done with 6th grade. 

Horizons Phonics is a great program for teaching your children how to read. It goes through all the letters and sounds, giving your student a solid base for reading. Horizons Phonics is colorful and very engaging, and this program moves at a more rapid pace finishing in the 2nd grade.

Horizons also offers Spelling (1st grade � 2nd grade), Penmanship (1st grade-5th grade), Health, and PE. The Preschool material covers a variety of topics, and incorporates Scripture throughout the material.  We sell Horizons both as individual books and as subject sets that come packaged together.