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Christian Liberty Preschool 
Preschool Activity Books
Preschool Bible

Christian Liberty Kindergarten
Kindergarten Phonics & Reading
Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten Science 
Kindergarten Bible
Kindergarten Penmanship

Christian Liberty 1st Grade
1st Grade Phonics & Reading
1st Grade Spelling 
1st Grade Penmanship
1st Grade Math
1st Grade Science
1st Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 2nd Grade
2nd Grade Phonics & Reading
2nd Grade Spelling 
2nd Grade Penmanship
2nd Grade Math
2nd Grade History
2nd Grade Science
2nd Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 3rd Grade
3rd Grade History and Literature Readers
3rd Grade Spelling 
3rd Grade Penmanship
3rd Grade History
3rd Grade Science
3rd Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 4th Grade
4th Grade Spelling 
4th Grade Penmanship
4th Grade History
4th Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 5th Grade
5th Grade Spelling 
5th Grade History
5th Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 6th Grade
6th Grade Spelling 
6th Grade History
6th Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 7th Grade
7th Grade Spelling 
7th Grade Grammar
7th Grade History(Readers)
7th Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 8th Grade
8th Grade Spelling 
8th Grade Grammar & Writing
8th Grade History
8th Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 9th Grade
9th Grade Grammar & Writing
9th Grade History
9th Grade Bible
9th/10th Grade Biology

Christian Liberty 10th Grade
10th Grade Grammar & Writing
10th Grade History
10th Grade Bible
9th/10th Grade Biology

Christian Liberty 11th Grade
11th Grade Grammar & Writing
11th Grade History
11th Grade Bible

Christian Liberty 12th Grade
12th Grade Grammar & Writing
12th Grade History
12th Grade Bible

Grade Levels:
PK, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

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Christian Liberty Nature Readers

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  • Bible based
  • Affordable
  • Reformed perspective
  • Teacher Guides avaialable
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Christian Liberty is a Reformed based curriculum coming from the perspective that the Westminster Standards are a faithful representation of Scripture. One of the few homeschool curriculums on the market that is based on Reformation principles, Christian Liberty is an excellent choice for parents seeking to teach their children from a Reformed standpoint. Christian principles are taught throughout the curriculum, and Christian parents of all denominations enjoy the thorough Christian emphasis.

What makes Christian Liberty "Christian"?
1.  Christian Liberty curriculum uses Scripture as its base.
2.  Christian Liberty employs a solid biblical worldview.
3.  Christian Liberty Press materials are Christ centered.
4.  Christian Liberty incorporates sound Christian scholarship