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2013 Switched on Schoolhouse

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2013 Switched on Schoolhouse

Features for Switched-on Version 2013:

  • Use the same custom assignment more than once
  • See quiz and test scores when they finish the assignment
  • New attendance link in the Lesson Book widget on your Teacher Home Pageto track attendance for your students
  • Reading Log widget on your student's Home Page to track their own reading
  • Download quarterly updates to multimedia items.
  • Celebrate a birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day with a
    fun new Home Page theme.
Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum highlights:
  • Christian, Bible-based curriculum
  • Computer curriculum (content based off Lifepac)
  • Automated grading & lesson planning
  • Huge time savings for parents
  • Games for review & videos enhance lesson material
  • All lessons are printable
  • Student driven
  • Core subjects are designed for 180 day school year  
  • Discounted (10% off, Free shipping)

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2013 Switched on Schoolhouse

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