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The Bible in the Ancient World, Volume 2 (Downloadable)

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A History and Geography Curriculum
The second volume of The Bible in the Ancient World begins with the time immediately after the close of the Old Testament, providing explanation for the nearly 400 year period of silence between the Testaments. The first five lessons are devoted to the intertestamental period, which includes the rise and fall of Alexander the Great, the Maccabees, the Romans, the Herodian Dynasty, and New Testament Judaism. The next ten lessons cover the life of Christ. Thorough discussion is offered on the main themes in the life and ministry of Christ. Special attention is given to the person and nature of Christ, the Gospel, the kingdom of God, and the church. Lessons also include discussion of historical and theological issues related to the life of Christ. The final three lessons cover the history of the Church in the New Testament. Students are offered eight map projects, and the opportunity to learn 100 New Testament Greek words. Quizzes for each lesson are included. This item is recommended for students in at least the sixth grade.

The completion of the Bible in the Ancient World will bring your students to a unified understanding of the Bible's history and message.

Sample Lesson 1: What Happened After the Old Testament? (PDF)
Sample Lesson 8: The Youth of the Lord (PDF)
Sample Lesson 9: He Came to His Own (PDF)

a?? One copy for the family!
a?? Enlarge photos and maps.
a?? 18 Lessons on CD (PDF)
a?? Photos of Bible lands
a?? Learn 100 Greek words
a?? Full Color Student Map Book
a?? Excerpts from primary