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The Bible in the Ancient World, Volume 1 (Downloadable)

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The Bible in the Ancient World, Vol. 1, is a high-quality PDF based curriculum containing 18 lessons on Bible history and geography. The first two lessons cover Bible chronology and geography, and the remaining survey eight historical periods of the Old Testament. The lessons include historical commentary, and excellent photographs of Israel and Egypt. Each lesson concludes with a Bible reading assignment. Fifteen maps are included, which are used by the students to trace travels and events from the Old Testament. Quizzes with a key are also included. Students in fourth and fifth grade may use the curriculum with adult assistance. Students in the sixth grade and above may complete the lessons more independently.

If you, or your children do not have a cohesive knowledge of the land and historical layout of the Bible, then this item will be of great value to you.


Sample of Lesson 7: The Plagues of Egypt (PDF)
Sample of Lesson 17: The Babylonian Captivity (PDF)

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o One copy for the family!
o Enlarge photos and maps.
o 18 Lessons on CD (PDF)
o Photos of Bible lands
o Flash cards included
o Full Color Student Map Book

o Historical commentary