Switched-On The Civil War

Switched-On The Civil War

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Want Spark your students' interest in American history! Get the in-depth elective that examines one of the major turning points in America's past ? With SOS The Civil War for grades 9-12, your students will learn about the division of the Confederate States of America and the Union, major war figures like Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, pivotal battles, and the Reconstruction Era. Topics covered include the pre-war years, the early years, the war's turning point, the war in the South, and the reconstruction of a nation. Making history come alive, SOS The Civil War deepens your students' understanding of the war with interactive maps that show battles and troop movements! Offering a five-unit study with a review, this course includes a look at the daily life of a soldier, the people affected by the war, and the war's lasting political and cultural impact on the United States.

Switched-On Schoolhouse also offers parents automatic grading and lesson planning! Imagine the elimination of endless hours pouring over paperwork! You'll actually have more time to spend teaching your child. In addition, to help make homeschooling a breeze, this one-of-a-kind Alpha Omega curriculum has a built-in calendar, a message center, and customizable lessons that can be easily altered to your student's learning pace! Taught from a Christian perspective, this enriching history course covers the points of contention between the North and South, major battles like the Battle of Gettysburg, the Emancipation Proclamation, the period of reconstruction, and the war's lasting impact on the United States. Get your child excited about history and order the fun, exciting Switched-On Schoolhouse Civil War elective for grades 9-12 from Alpha Omega Publications today!