Switched-On Speech: Essentials of Communication

Switched-On Speech: Essentials of Communication

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Looking for a speech course for your high school student? Then, try Switched-On Schoolhouse Speech: Essentials of Communication for grades 9-12! This fun, practical one-semester Alpha Omega curriculum covers communication foundations, language characteristics, interpersonal relationships, understanding group dynamics, and presenting and interpreting public messages. Includes quizzes and tests.

Topics include:

  • communication foundations
  • language characteristics
  • interpersonal relationships
  • understanding groups
  • presenting and interpreting public messages

Want to teach your teen how to approach public speaking with confidence? Wish you could show him how to communicate clearly in a group? Now you can! Try Switched-On Schoolhouse Speech: Essentials of Communication for grades 9-12. Offering practical lessons your homeschool student will use for life, this computer-based, one-semester course covers all the basics for effective communication in today's world. Taught from a Christian perspective, this in-depth course examines the fundamentals of the communication process that are important for successful interaction in various social and professional settings. Making speech fun and engaging, this computer-based course includes innovative multimedia like informative video clips, entertaining learning games, and cutting-edge animation!