Switched-On Software Development Tools

Switched-On Software Development Tools

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Scope & Sequence Software Development Tools 

Discover how to create web applications, how they communicate with web browsers to prevent errors, and how to improve application software with SOS Software Development Tools. Available on CD-ROM, this six-unit CTE course uses vivid graphics, videos clips, audio files, animation, and learning games to liven up lessons and clarify concepts. Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development  is a prerequisite for this course.

Help students apply practical tools to software development with this CTE elective for grades 9-12. Throughout this six-unit course, students learn how applications are created in commonly used software development tools, discover how web applications communicate with web browsers to prevent errors, and learn various testing strategies to improve the quality of application software.

Students also put their newfound knowledge into practice by designing a software application that showcases creative design choices, effective information management and organization, and knowledge of hardware and software architecture. Additional lesson content includes software development environments, prototyping techniques, language specific tools, and quality assurance of software products.