Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness

Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness

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Scope & Sequence Physical Fitness  

Discover the benefits of healthy living with Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness for grades 9-12! This practical, one-semester elective nurtures your child's body and mind with interactive lessons that cover the benefits of basic nutrition, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyles. This Alpha Omega curriculum also requires students to design personal fitness goals and complete exercises using a daily activity log. Quizzes and tests are included.

Help your high school student get in shape with Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness from Alpha Omega Publications! This six-unit elective covers the basics of nutrition, physical exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices, as well as weight control, flexibility training, resistance training, cardiovascular fitness, and strength training. Christ-centered lessons challenge your child with motivational training techniques and cutting-edge technology that includes video and audio clips, animations, web-related links, and learning games.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness also offers automatic grading, lesson planning, and recordkeeping. Plus, SOS includes a built-in calendar, so you can easily adjust your child's daily tasks. In addition, your child will love the highlighting feature in this Alpha Omega curriculum that makes studying for quizzes and tests easier. Get your child moving and order the SOS Physical Fitness elective for your homeschool today!