Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade Math -- Pre-Algebra

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Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade Math -- Pre-Algebra

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Are you in shape for Geometry? With SOS 8th Grade Math, student's review and master essential geometry and algebra concepts. The repetition of mathematical principles helps student's remember concepts for a longer period of time. Put the right equipment in your student's hands with SOS 8th Grade Math, which covers topics such as:

  • Factors and Multiples
  • Fractions and Rounding
  • Formulas and Geometry
  • Integers
  • The Variable

Created to enrich your student's learning experience, SOS 8th Grade Math is an applauded study tool! Other information covered in this fun-filled course includes story problems, understanding place value, and using the four operations. Your student will also learn about pyramids, prisms, and the Pythagorean Theorem.