Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade History -- U.S. History

Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade History -- U.S. History

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Scope & Sequence - 8th Grade History -- U.S. History

America's Background: Explore and War! SOS 8th Grade History & Geography gives an in-depth look at America's prolific past. Concentrating on the origins of America's birth, expansion, and wars, subjects covered are:

  • European Backgrounds
  • War for Independence
  • The Westward Movement
  • The Civil War
  • The Twentieth Century World Power

With best-selling technology, SOS 8th Grade History & Geography will enhance your student's learning of America's astounding story! Extensive and expanded, the curriculum covers American colonization, the Revolution, and America's emergence as a nation. Students follow the events of America's growth by studying the Westward Expansion, slavery and Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, and America's important role in today's world.