Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Math

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Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Math

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Shape up for Geometry and Algebra! Prepare your student for the world of shapes and formulas with SOS 7th Grade Math! Your student will be introduced to the fundamentals of geometry and algebra in preparation for more in-depth study in later grades. Subjects include:

  • Sets and Number Systems
  • Place Value
  • Geometry
  • Statistics and Graphs
  • Formulas, Functions, Ratios, and Proportions

Break your student's ideas of math being boring with SOS 7th Grade Math! This revolutionary, technologically-filled curriculum makes learning fun and not a chore. This course will solidify your student's math understanding by reviewing whole numbers; multiplication and division; and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions in an exciting, interactive format. Statistics and graphs are also covered.