Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Bible

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Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Bible

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Amazing Grace: Jesus' life from birth to ascension! SOS 7th Grade Bible brings to life the events of Christ's perfect plan with an in-depth study of His life on earth! Follow Christ's astonishing actions of love by studying sections such as:

  • Worship
  • Mankind
  • Christian Evidences
  • Attributes of God
  • Love and Grace
  • Life of Christ (Three parts)

Students will gain valuable insights and comprehension of God's everlasting gift: His Son. Exclusively designed, Switched-on Schoolhouse 7th Grade Bible entertains as it explains the meaning of worship, mankind's sinful nature, and God's divinity. Other easy-to-grasp lessons include studying the purpose of Advent, how to live a balanced life, forms of worship, Psalms, and Hebrew poetry.