Switched-On Schoolhouse 5th Grade Bible

Switched-On Schoolhouse 5th Grade Bible

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Switched-On Schoolhouse 5th Grade Bible is a wonderful course for building your child's knowledge of Christianity. Quality, important topics included are God's presence, the Christian in the world, Bible structure, God's authority, and much more. This one year Alpha Omega curriculum provides multimedia-enriched lessons to help motivate learning. Includes quizzes and tests.

Looking for an interactive way to teach your child about Christ? Try Switched-On Schoolhouse 5th Grade Bible from Alpha Omega Publications. This dynamic homeschool course will introduce your child to the fundamental beliefs of Christianity and Bible history. Cover multiple diverse topics like angels, Bible structure, eternity, government, and more! Set your child on a solid Biblical foundation with this comprehensive, easy-to-follow Alpha Omega curriculum. Plus, this cutting-edge, computer-based homeschool curriculum will keep your child's interest with enriching content, engaging multimedia, and learning games. And, SOS 5th Grade Bible offers two Bible versions to choose from-either the King James Version or New American Standard Bible