Switched-On Schoolhouse 3rd Grade Science

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Switched-On Schoolhouse 3rd Grade Science

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Breathe in Life! Leap into the exciting world of science with SOS 3rd Grade Science! Today, more than ever, student's need to be given scientific facts based on a godly and biblically-solid foundation. Easy-to-understand lessons cover topics such as:

  • You Grow and Change
  • Plants
  • Animals: Growth and Change
  • You are What you Eat
  • Properties of Matter

Students will be given clear, fun-to-learn subjects perfect for younger minds! SOS 3rd Grade Science, a colorful and captivating course, also introduces student's to sound, time and seasons, rocks and their change, and heat energy. Filled with attention-grabbing activities your student will love, SOS 3rd Grade Science is ideal for learning step-by-step information.