Switched-On Schoolhouse 11th Grade Set

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Switched-On Schoolhouse 11th Grade Set

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Price: $413.95

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-- SOS 11th Grade 5-Subject USB Set -- 

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Combined in one complete set, the SOS 11th Grade 5-Subject Set conveniently contains all the subjects you need, and costs less than ordering the subjects individually. Designed with five core subjects, this curriculum set creates a solid educational foundation while giving your student an engaging, interactive learning environment. Subjects Include:

  • Bible (Bible Doctrine)
  • History & Geography (U.S. History)
  • Science (Chemistry)
  • Language Arts (English 3)
  • Mathematics (Algebra 2)

In this step-by-step, comprehensive curriculum, your student will build his knowledge of the five core subjects. Each subject contains nine major topics and a review to guide the learning process. In addition, the SOS 11th Grade 5-Subject Set includes personalized progressive lessons and time-saving administration features like automatic grading. With this curriculum set, you can be assured your student will learn the essential Christ-centered material he needs to know.