Switched-On Schoolhouse 10th Grade Bible -- Old Testament Survey

Switched-On Schoolhouse 10th Grade Bible -- Old Testament Survey

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Covering Creation to Israel's Restoration! SOS 10th Grade Bible focuses on the key points of the Old Testament by reviewing the core chronicles of Christianity. Strengthen your student's Bible knowledge by re-examining stories such as:

  • Creation to Abraham
  • Abraham through Joseph
  • The Exodus and the Wilderness
  • Israel in Canaan
  • The Judges and Spiritual Decline

By reiterating past lessons, SOS 10th Grade Bible gives student's a firm foundation for a Christ-centered life. Additional enduring topics include King Saul and David, Jeremiah to Ezekiel, and Daniel to Nehemiah. With user-friendly content, SOS 10th Grade Bible overviews the Divided Kingdom of Israel, the Captivity, the Restoration, and Rebuilding of the Temple and Jerusalem.