Switched-On Introduction to Information Technology

Switched-On Introduction to Information Technology

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 Scope & Sequence Introduction to Information Technology

Build a foundation for a career with this study of operating systems, mobile applications, Internet utilization, and interpersonal skills that are highly valued among IT employers with SOS Introduction to Information Technology, a CTE elective for grades 9-12. Vivid graphics, videos clips, audio files, animation, and learning games help to clarify concepts.

 Give your homeschool student the knowledge base and technical skills to successfully compete for jobs within the Information Technology Career Cluster. This CTE elective allows students in grades 9-12 to explore a range of career tracks that include network engineers, application and programming developers, and systems analysts. Students also study career paths in depth and discuss typical job responsibilities, educational and licensure requirements, working conditions, and job outlooks. Lessons are structured so students learn and then demonstrate not only critical assessment and analytic skills, but also interpersonal skills that are valued so highly among IT employers. The six units of study also help students place the evolution of technology and job opportunities in context, so they understand their important role in furthering its development.