Switched-On General Science III

Switched-On General Science III

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Refresh your student's understanding of basic science with 2016 Switched-On Schoolhouse General Science III! Offering a comprehensive overview, this computer-based, ten-unit elective for grades 9-12 includes quizzes and tests and lets students tap deeper into the world of physics and body health with interactive lessons. Students learn key scientific concepts in a fresh, new approach that fine-tunes their grasp of physics and body health. The course covers additional topics like oceanography, astronomy, and the future of science. Fun-to-learn lessons also include multimedia tools, experiments, colorful graphics, and more!

Exciting and in-depth, Switched-On Schoolhouse General Science III covers important concepts like:

  • nuclear energy
  • Earth's surface
  • constellations
  • oceanography
  • astronomy
  • the future of science
  • health in the human body

Plus, unlike traditional science textbooks, this elective has tons of time-saving, teacher-friendly features like automatic grading, lesson planning, a built-in calendar, and a handy message center. Improve your high school student's fundamental science knowledge and order Switched-On Schoolhouse General Science III today!