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Switched-On Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development

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Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development Scope & Sequence 

Practice basic software development procedures, techniques, and trends, write original Java programs, and study career opportunities with SOS Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development. Interactive multimedia elements like animations and learning games help students in grades 9-12 learn material throughout each of the six units.

Explore the fundamentals of programming and software development with this CTE elective for students in grades 9-12. Students learn details about core concepts in programming using Java, including writing and debugging code, proper syntax, flow of control, order of operations, comparison operators, and program logic tools and models.

This Christian course also explores the function of key program techniques, including if statements, looping, and arrays, as well as web development using HTML and drag-and-drop development of user interfaces in an Integrated Development environment. Additional topics include the Software Development Life Cycle, programming languages and paradigms, careers in the software industry, the education and skills required to work in the industry, and related career resources.