Switched-On Fundamentals of Digital Media

Switched-On Fundamentals of Digital Media

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Explore media production, website design, social media, game design, media effectiveness, and how businesses use digital media with SOS Fundamentals of Digital Media. This CTE course consists of six units and uses interactive multimedia such as videos clips and learning games to teach students in grades 9-12.

Explore tools for creating digital media and best practices with this homeschool elective. An overview of the process used to create new media pieces and the basic concepts of project management, this CTE course instructs students in grades 9-12 to examine digital media in advertising, business, gaming and simulations, e-commerce, digital music, movies, and the Internet. Students also study the use of social media ethics, laws that impact digital media use or creation, the different types of computer languages, the value of using online video and audio for business, some expected changes in social media and advertising, and the cannons of journalism.