Switched-On Foundations for Living (Christian Worldview)

Switched-On Foundations for Living (Christian Worldview)

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Prepare your soon-to-be graduate for practical Christian living with the engaging Switched-On Schoolhouse Foundations for Living, Studies in the Christian Worldview! This multimedia-rich, ten-unit elective for grades 9-12 deepens your child's understanding of Bible doctrine and shows how biblical truths relate to everyday life, including areas like family, engagement, marriage, education, art, parenting, politics, and more. Quizzes and tests also are included for easy assessment.

This homeschool elective for grades 9-12 enhances your child's spiritual walk by applying biblical truths and godly thinking to everyday situations and decisions. This Christ-centered, ten-unit elective defines a Christian worldview, explains man's purpose in the world, and illustrates roles and attitudes in a Christian family, engagement, and marriage, as well as education, art, politics, character, finances, and more. Unlike textbooks, SOS Foundations for Living offers fun and interactive lessons with multimedia features like video clips, animations, and learning games to promote concept retention. Plus, SOS has cutting-edge, time-saving Alpha Omega curriculum tools like automatic grading, advanced lesson planning, a built-in calendar, and customizable lessons to make homeschooling a breeze. Give your child a solid Christian worldview for lifelong godly living and add Switched-On Schoolhouse Foundations for Living, Studies in the Christian Worldview to your shopping cart today!