Switched-On Family & Consumer Science (Home Economics)

Switched-On Family & Consumer Science (Home Economics)

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Scope & Sequence Family & Consumer Science  

Students learn how to keep a house with Switched-On Family & Consumer Science! Formerly known as Home Economics, this course has lessons on necessary, everyday tasks students will do throughout life. Created for grades 7-12, this year-long course also teaches about building Christian character, relationships, and more. Give students the homemaking skills they need, along with an understanding of the importance of living a Christian life in the home. Practical steps on how to build solid financial skills also are covered.

Interesting topics teach everyday tasks your student will do throughout life are covered such as:

  • homemaking skills
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • decorating
  • personal finances
  • child care
  • and more

This one-year course also emphasizes the importance of building a Christian home life, good character qualities, and practicing financial freedom.