Lifepac Kindergarten 2-subject Set

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Lifepac Kindergarten 2-subject Set

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LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts introduces your student to the wonder of reading with engaging LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts. Your student will learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, sounds, capital and lower case letters, vowels, consonants, and phonics in 160 exciting lessons.

LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math - With colorful LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math, your student will learn the following important principles: time, number lines, addition and subtraction, writing and spelling numbers, and money. Filled with 160 fun-to-do lessons, this program offers diverse activities created to teach math skills. The Kindergarten 2-Subject Set includes: 

  • two Math worktexts 
  • two Language Arts worktexts
  • two corresponding teacher's guides. 

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