Lifepac 8th Grade Math - Pre-Algebra

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Lifepac 8th Grade Math - Pre-Algebra

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- 10 Math Worktext Units 
- Teacher's Guide


With LIFEPAC 8th Grade Math, student's review and master essential pre-geometry and pre-algebra concepts. The course's repetition of mathematical principles helps your student master concepts. Topics covered are: Numbers and Factors, Fractions and Rounding, Fractions and Percent, Formulas and Geometry, and Algebraic Equations. Created to enrich your student's learning experience, this self-paced course is an applauded study tool! Other topics covered are story problems, understanding place value, and using the four operations. Number lines, pyramids, prisms, and the Pythagorean Theorem are also taught. The LIFEPAC 8th Grade Math Set contains ten worktexts and a teacher's guide (these may also be purchased individually).

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