Lifepac 6th grade Science

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Lifepac 6th grade Science

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- 10 Worktext Units 
- Teacher's Guide


LIFEPAC 6th Grade Science focuses on the spectacular vacuum and vastness of space, the earth's role within our solar system, the unique planets, and the never-ending cosmos by covering themes like:

  • Molecular Genetics
  • Chemical Structure
  • Light and Sound
  • Motion and its Measurement
  • Spaceship Earth

Filled with color illustrations, tests, and review exercises, LIFEPAC 6th Grade Science worktexts also include fun writing activities, designed to develop grammar skills. This course also emphasizes:

  • plant and animal systems
  • astronomy
  • the earth's action within the universe

The LIFEPAC 6th Grade Science Set contains ten separate worktexts and a teacher's guide.

What's Covered? 

Lifepac Scope & Sequence