Lifepac 4th Grade Math

Lifepac 4th Grade Math

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- 10 Math Worktext Units 
- Teacher's Guide


Want to multiply your student's' achievements in math? Give them LIFEPAC 4th Grade Math! Appealing lessons cover: Whole Numbers Multiplication, Sequencing and Rounding, Lines and Shapes, Division and Measurements, and Decimals and Fractions. Students stay engaged from unit to unit because concepts are simply explained and fun to do. This course also examines numbers to 100,000s, plane and solid shapes, and division with 1-digit divisor, along with improper and mixed fractions. Cross multiplication, charts and graphs are also part of the curriculum. The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Math Set contains ten worktexts and a teacher's guide. (these may also be purchased individually).

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Lifepac Scope & Sequence