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LIFEPAC High School Health Set

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Searching for a high school-level health course? Try LIFEPAC High School Health for grades 8-12! This fun, practical one-semester course covers diverse health topics such as proper eating habits, personal hygiene, home safety, and accountable Christian living. This Alpha Omega curriculum elective has five full-color worktexts and a teacher's guide.

Do you want a health course especially made for your high schooler? Good news, you've just found it—LIFEPAC High School Health for grades 8-12! This valuable, informative one-semester course is filled with topics and themes just for high school students. Not your typical health course, this in-depth study looks at relevant topics for today's youth taught from a Christian perspective. Topics include physical health, first aid, proper nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. In addition, this comprehensive health course also focuses on spiritual, social, emotional, and environmental well-being. Colorful and fun-filled, this consumable health course from Alpha Omega Publications offers flexible, worktext-based lessons.

But there's more! LIFEPAC High School Health also comes with a handy teacher's guide to help parents. Included in this must-have resource are teaching tips, lesson objectives, answer keys, and additional activities. What could be more convenient? And instead of one large, intimidating textbook, this Alpha Omega curriculum is divided into five manageable worktexts to encourage student learning! And to aid comprehension, this step-by-step course emphasizes mastery learning techniques so your student can work independently with confidence. Try this best-selling curriculum for yourself—just order LIFEPAC High School Health today.

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Included in Set:

LIFEPAC® High School Health Teacher's Guide

LIFEPAC® High School Health Unit 1 Worktext (2734 KB)

LIFEPAC® High School Health Unit 2 Worktext (5407 KB)

LIFEPAC® High School Health Unit 3 Worktext (3850 KB)

LIFEPAC® High School Health Unit 4 Worktext (4710 KB)

LIFEPAC® High School Health Unit 5 Worktext (5079 KB)