Horizons Preschool Teacher's Guide 1

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Horizons Preschool Teacher's Guide 1

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Teaching the Horizons Preschool Curriculum couldn't be easier with the Horizons Preschool Teacher's Guide 1. This in-depth, teacher-friendly resource includes detailed daily lesson plans that correlated with lessons 1-90 in the Horizons Preschool Student Workbook 1. Guide includes a story time reading list, supply lists, and more!

This must-have teaching guide for the Horizons Preschool Curriculum makes short work of your lesson plan preparations with precise, step-by-step instructions. Each day is broken down into objectives and activities to be taught in multiple subject areas such as Bible, Social Studies, Language Arts, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, Physical Education, Arts & Crafts, Music, Story Time, Outside Activities, and Optional Activities. From the beginning to the end of your homeschooling day, everything is clearly laid out so that you will know the when, where, how, and whys of giving your preschooler the best education possible.

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