Horizons Kindergarten Complete Set (Set Includes: Math, Health, Phonics & Reading)

Horizons Kindergarten Complete Set (Set Includes: Math, Health, Phonics & Reading)

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Everything Horizons offers for the Kindergarten grade level.  This set conveniently allows you to purchase the entire school year with one click. 

Included are the complete sets of Math (KS100), Phonice & Reading (JKC120), Health (JHCK00)

  • Horizons Kindergarten Math  - Give your child a solid foundation in mathematics with the award-winning Horizons Kindergarten Math Set! Filled with 160 attention-grabbing lessons, this easy-to-use Alpha Omega curriculum includes two colorfully illustrated student books covering adding, subtracting, and more; plus a helpful teacher's guide with daily lesson plans, answer keys, and worksheets.
  • Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading  - Teach your child solid reading skills with this hands-on course that covers the fundamentals of phonetics in an engaging workbook format. The Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Set includes four student workbooks, four teacher's guides, four brightly illustrated readers, an alphabet floor puzzle, and a wipe-off tablet.
  • Horizions Kindergarten Health Set  - Start teaching your homeschooler essential health lessons with Horizons Kindergarten Health Set! Complete with a teacher's guide and student workbook, this set includes 48 step-by-step, age-appropriate lessons with teaching materials and suggested puppet dialogues, along with colorful student visuals and hands-on activities. The set also covers Christian-based topics like family, friendship, safety, body care, and more!