Horizons Health 5th Grade Set

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Horizons Health 5th Grade Set

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Horizons 5th Grade Health Student Book

Horizons 5th Grade Health Student Workbook

Horizons 5th Grade Health Teacher's Guide


Wellness is the focus of Horizons 5th Grade Health! In this Christian-based course, students develop fitness disciplines, such as taking care of their lungs, connecting with other people, and understanding that they are growing up and changing. The 54 step-by-step lessons in the teacher's guide include a list of needed materials, objectives, background information, lessons overviews, and related activities. The student workbook contains unit evaluations and over 40 perforated, colorful student visuals and writing activities that are teacher-administered. The appealing full-color student book includes photos, illustrations, additional readings, and questions to reinforce the lessons. Horizons Health curriculum is created to be taught two to three days a week.

  • Student Book
  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher's Guide
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