Horizons 3rd Grade Complete Set (Set Includes: Math, Phonics & Reading, Health, Penmanship, Spelling)

Horizons 3rd Grade Complete Set (Set Includes: Math, Phonics & Reading, Health, Penmanship, Spelling)

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Everything Horizons offers for the 3rd Grade grade level. This set conveniently allows you to purchase the entire school year with one click.

Complete sets of Math (JMC300), Phonice & Reading (JPC300), Health (JHC300), Penmanship (JSP315), Spelling & Vocabulary (JSC300)

  • Horizons 3rd Grade Math - Expand your child's math skills! The Horizons 3rd Grade Math Set builds on previous math concepts with more complex lessons that include square roots, geometry, rounding and graphing, and more! This engaging math course includes 160 lessons within two student workbooks and a two-part teacher's guide.
  • Horizons 3rd Grade Phonics and Reading - Deepen your child's love of reading with the Horizons 3rd Grade Phonics & Reading Set. This colorful course reinforces previous concepts like consonant blends and vowel diphthongs while introducing new material, including compound words, regular and irregular verbs, inflected endings, palindromes, and more. This engaging, 160-lesson curriculum includes two colorful student workbooks, a user-friendly teacher's guide, and two illustrated student readers with stories and poems that correlate to lesson concepts.
  • Horizions 3rd Grade Health Set - Discover the amazing body systems with your homeschooler with Horizons 3rd Grade Health Set! Complete with a teacher's guide, student book, and student workbook, this set includes 55 step-by-step, Christian-based lessons and teaching materials, along with colorful student visuals, suggested puppet dialogues, and hands-on activities. The set also covers topics like first aid, smart eating habits, proper manners, and more!
  • Horizions 3rd Grade Penmanship Set - Tired of reading your child's poor handwriting on assignments? Make a change for the better with the Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Set. Reinforce manuscript and fine-tune cursive writing with Bible stories from Genesis. Set includes student workbook with 160 fun-filled lessons and teacher's guide complete with daily lesson plans.
  • Horizions 3rd Grade Spelling & Vocab Set - Want your child to leave a lasting impression? Teach him to spell and communicate effectively with Horizons 3rd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary from Alpha Omega Publications. Student workbook contains 160 colorful lessons with perforated pages for easy removal. Set also includes spelling dictionary and teacher's guide.