Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship Set

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Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship Set

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Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship Student Book

Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship Teacher's Guide


Is your student ready to write? With Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship, your student will be introduced to printing manuscript letters and words. Filled with fun cartoon figures, exciting writing lessons cover: tracing manuscript lower- and upper-case letters, words, and sentences; writing and memorizing a weekly Bible verse; and practicing punctuation, numbers, and proper writing positions. Horizons 1st Grade Penmanship can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplement to other highly acclaimed Horizons courses. While learning penmanship, spelling and vocabulary skills are also built with this enriching course. Handwriting lessons include: one student workbook with removable pages and one corresponding teacher's guide. These materials may be purchased individually. The helpful teacher's guide includes: a daily lesson planner, duplication masters, answer keys, teaching tips, and additional worksheets. This fundamental course contains 160 student lessons.

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