General Science - 3rd Edition, Student Notebook

General Science - 3rd Edition, Student Notebook

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This companion notebook is designed to be used with Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd edition textbook. The student notebook provides an organized, complete lesson plan for the year, which lets students check off their progress as they work their way through. It has places for their notes as they’re reading, lab charts, and tables to record their scientific findings.

This accompanying student notebook journal includes 16 modules that correspond to the 16 modules in the text. This interactive resource includes graphic organizers; "On Your Own" questions (with room to answer them); study guide questions; "What Does God's Word Say" investigations that point students to scripture; "Digging Deeper" exercises that provide hands-on or web-based activities; and summary questions, creating a convenient notebook to study and prepare for tests. Lab report forms for each experiment in the textbook's module are also provided. The back of the book includes fill-in-the-blank module summaries; these are optional, and provide extra practice for students who are having difficulty studying for the module tests.

A complete daily schedule breaks down the text, notebook pages, and tests into weekly and daily blocks; following the schedule will enable students to finish the course in 34 weeks, working at approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. 453 pages, softcover, spiralbound.