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Apologia Exploring Creation with Physics Video Instruction DVD

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Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry; basic Trigonometry functions NOTE: You must have a program capable of playing .wmv files and opening .pdf files. Your computer must have a screen resolution of at least 1280x1024. Not for use in DVD players. Want to make physics "phun" for your student but you don't know Feynman from Faraday? Enhance your teen's course of study with this excellent instructional DVD featuring Apologia Academy physics teacher Rusty Hughes. Packed with more than twenty hours of instruction, this DVD also contains video presentations of every experiment from the Exploring Creation with Physics textbook. This outstanding DVD contains: Multiple lectures for each module Printable notes from the lectures Twenty hours of physics instruction All thirty-three experiments from the text on video Instructor: Rusty A. Hughes Format: Data-DVD