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Apologia Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling

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Teaching your children at home is much more than giving lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is, in essence, a journey into a lifetime of learning that will vastly expand your horizons in education and, perhaps not surprisingly, in parenting. In order to help you on your journey, Diana Waring has written a personal, transparent description of the first decade of her own family's homeschooling experience. This book was written for the people in the trenches - those who are contemplating homeschooling and those who are actually doing it. The book is filled with practical help and experiential insight into how to make the journey a joy-filled adventure rather than a burdensome, bone-wearying chore. This book doesn't suggest that everyone homeschool according to a specific approach nor every student learn in the same way. As a result, itis useful for *every* homeschooling family. Think of it as a helpful "do it yourself" manual that will assist you step-by-step in the building of a healthy, enthusiastic environment for learning. Diana shares specific examples from her own homeschool, as well as what other homeschoolers and educators taught her. The book includes a list of recommended resources that will allow you to dig more deeply into what you find interesting. With warm encouragement and inspiration, Diana gives you the courage that you, too, can do this! Here are some of the topics covered: ?